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The invasion has begun.

It’s finally here! To commemorate this momentous arrival, Lancer joined forces with Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia to bring you the Laugo Alien Signature Edition.

Secure a piece of history and completely obliterate the competition with the revolutionary Laugo Alien Signature Edition pistol. Only 500 pieces are being produced, with each numbered pistol bearing the engraved signature of famed firearms designer, Jan Lucansky.

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The fastest, flattest, smoothest-shooting, most versatile competition pistol in the world has officially landed in the U.S.

It’s finally here! To commemorate this momentous arrival, Lancer joined forces with Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia to bring you the Laugo Alien Signature Edition. Lancer and Jan Lucansky have agreed to never sign another pistol model or produce another run of Signature Editions pistols moving forward, so this Signature Edition will be a very rare and exclusive opportunity.

Secure a piece of history and completely obliterate the competition with the revolutionary Laugo Alien Signature Edition pistol. Only 500 pieces are being produced, with each numbered pistol bearing the engraved signature of famed firearms designer, Jan Lucansky. The Signature Edition kit comes complete with a custom hard case containing the Alien pistol, three (3) magazines, a standard top rail with adjustable competition sights, an additional optics-ready top rail with an included red dot sight, a cleaning kit, and a custom Elornis adjustable competition holster.

Signature Edition Kit Includes:

  • Numbered Laugo Arms Alien Signature Edition pistol (9x19mm)
  • Three (3) 17-rd Magazines
  • Standard Iron Sight Top Rail
  • Optics-Ready Top Rail
  • Enhanced Magwell
  • Laugo 6 MOA Red Dot Sight
  • Elornis Adjustable Competition Holster
  • Custom Hard Case


The price for the Signature Edition package is $5,000. Pre-orders can be placed immediately by purchasing the 50% deposit on this page. Your deposit reserves your Signature Edition and the remaining balance will be due once your pistol arrives here at Lancer. We are expecting delivery to begin late-Spring of 2020. Pistols will be assigned and delivered in the order that deposits are received.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the custom-manufactured nature of these pistols and the various international import regulations, there will be a 10% cancellation fee for any pre-orders that are cancelled within the first 14 days. A 20% cancellation fee will be assessed on any orders cancelled outside of those 14 days.

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The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in semi-automatic pistol design; a specimen of evolutionary success with multiple patented and innovative performance features and a DNA deeply rooted in competition. Freed from the confines of obsolete locking mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new breed… the first of its kind.

  • World’s lowest bore axis reduces muzzle flip for an incredibly flat recoil impulse
  • Fixed barrel eliminates movement during the firing cycle, resulting in exceptional accuracy
  • Innovative gas delayed blowback system brings the pistol back on target faster
  • Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells allow for misson-specific adaptability
  • Non-reciprocating top rail provides an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus
  • Exacting quality derived from industry-leading manufacturing processes and equipment

Manufactured and hand-fitted by Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia. Proudly imported and distributed by Lancer Systems.







Barrel Length


Weight (Unloaded)

2.2 lbs

Weight (Loaded)

2.47 lbs

Trigger Weight

2.25 lbs – 5.5 lbs

Magazine Capacity

17 rounds

Bore Axis Height


Upper Rail Options


Recoil Angle

5° (vs. 13° avg.)

Sight Radius


6 reviews for Laugo Arms Alien Signature Edition Pistol Kit SOLD OUT!

  1. Joe W

    I had the pleasure of shooting this amazing pistol at a few demos and it is by FAR, the best pistol I have ever fired. The design tames recoil and muzzle flip to the point that it becomes a huge advantage over all other pistols. The accuracy is as good or better than anything out there. The ergonomics are great and switching sights couldn’t be easier. The pistol I shot had hundreds of rounds put through it without cleaning and it operated flawlessly. I plan on owning one when they become available again.

  2. Richard Stanley, DPM

    Absolutely love it! Fantastic trigger, extreme accuracy, unbelievable ergonomics. The recoil takes a little getting used to. I think the recoil is a little higher than a conventional 9mm as the impulse is directed straight back instead of bleeding off energy with muzzle flip. Only complaint is this thing gets DIRTY after 300 rounds. I have no regrets and would buy it again without question.

  3. Paul Azrak

    Lancer-Systems was amazing during this ruff time and delivered the Alien Pistol in perfect condition. Thank you to everyone involved at Lancer-Systems for a great job!

  4. William Collier

    I am pleased to report, as one of the common folk fortunate enough to acquire one (500/443), and having just put it through its paces for the first time yesterday, that Larry Vickers review ( is accurate. The gun’s design is not magic. If you can’t shoot a pistol for beans, you won’t be able to shoot this one for beans either. What it does is reward good technique astonishingly, without the need for a compensator or barrel porting. As Vickers indicates, the recoil is sharp (thanks to the fixed barrel system) but modest, and its vector is very directly back into the web of the hand. With proper forearm strength and technique, and a bit of practice, a skilled shooter can hold a sight picture throughout recoil, which is, when you manage it, quite surreal on a pistol which does not vent gasses vertically. My rapid-fire group sizes were significantly smaller than (on the order of 50% the size of) my groups with my other pistols, for any given rate of fire. As fast as I could work the trigger with my amateur finger, I could not manage to land a round outside the head on a standard silhouette at 7 yards. The gun feels in the hand like a pistol, but the results in rapid fire feel more like a carbine–again, not because the pistol “makes it easy,” necessarily, not because it substitutes for good technique, but because it rewards you when you do your job, as a precision instrument should, in a way I personally have never experienced except with a carbine. Another shooter, experienced with rifles and shotguns but relatively novice with pistols, accompanied me on the test, and we observed that each improvement he made to his technique dramatically reduced his group size in rapid fire. In slow fire, the pistol rewarded me for eliminating a very slight angle in the vector of my trigger pressure, shifting point of impact at 7 yards from a quarter inch left of center to dead center. I don’t have the facilities to determine how accurate this pistol is. With simple reman FMJ and the red dot, I was able to discern no dispersal at all at 7 yards. As long as my technique was correct, the bullet landed exactly where the center of the dot had been at the moment of break, centered to less than a millimeter. It is rifle-accurate.

    We experienced no malfunctions over more than 100 rounds of simple remanufactured FMJ in slow and rapid fire. The replaceable top rail works as advertised–which is to say, shockingly well. Installing the rail is a matter of positioning it on the frame, sliding it aft so that it “snaps” into place, and then pushing home the captive pin at the front. Initially, the “snap” was very tight. It took a sharp rap with the heel of the palm or a nylon mallet to get the rail to seat properly. That eased within 10 repetitions until it could be done with strong thumb pressure. The top rails held zero throughout multiple swaps. The adjustable iron sights are excellent, though as with all open sights, they reward best those who have learned the full volume of iron sights technique. (Do you know not just how to focus on the front sight, but also how to make the top of the post and the top of the notch align perfectly flush? Do you know how to watch the two spaces of light between the sides of the post and the inner edges of the notch, to make sure those spaces are perfectly equal? Do you know how to make sure not only that your bull’s eye is above the front sight dot, but that the distance between the corner of the front sight post and the edge of bull’s eye is exactly equal on both sides? If you do, these sights and this pistol are easily equal to the task of a bull’s-eye pistol competition.)

    The trigger is very good, certainly one of the best pistol triggers, though not quite as clean as a race-tuned 1911. It has a couple of degrees of smooth slack, and then a bit of travel under friction (“creep”) as the sear is drawn off the hammer. The bearing surface between the hammer and sear seems to be about 0.025 inches, so that is how far you have to move the sear with the trigger before the hammer springs free. I suspect that competition shooters (who can accept extremely light trigger activation weights) will experiment with sears cut closer to the edge, but as it stands now, the 25 thousandths of an inch of sear bearing surface translates to about 35 thousandths of an inch of trigger creep at the tip of the trigger, which, while noticeable in slow fire, can be taken up carefully and does not affect one’s ability to achieve the kind of accuracy I described above. In rapid fire it is a non-factor.

    Grip texturing is awesome on the front and back straps. Zero slippage during rapid fire. Never once did I have to readjust my grip. The slide serrations are also excellent. They could be used to saw through timber and will probably flay your hand before they let your grip on the slide slip. Fit and finish are also perfect, giving the impression of a hand-fitted match-grade pistol. The only thing I had to monitor was the installation screw for the detachable flared mag-well flange. The flange works as advertised, making reloads a breeze, but it can be removed by backing out a small set screw. We found that this screw backed out of its own accord during shooting, loosening the removable flange until it rattled a little and reminded us to re-tighten the screw. I will have to experiment with the correct torque to keep the screw from backing out over an extended shooting session.

    All in all, I am floored. It is exactly what it was advertised to be, an out-of-the-box competitor to highly-modified open-class race guns.


    The wait was worth it. I could not believe how it felt in my hand. Shooting it was like nothing I had ever fired. The most important thing was I was able to have better accuracy, faster acquiring of my target and more fun then any gun I had ever fired. It took me from being a Fair (at best) shooter to a really good one.

  6. Sean Hearne

    I have shot my Alien in three matches so far since it has arrived and it has run flawlessly. They cycle time is amazingly quick and the everything you hear in the reviews is true about how tame the recoil is with this pistol. It is a revolutionary design and well worth the money.

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