L5AWM® 5-Round Limiting Floorplate


This is a Lancer 5-round floor plate lock/stop assembly for L5AWM magazines in .223 Remington/5.56x45mm or .300 Blackout

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Crafted from high-impact polymer with a special floor plate lock, these factory magazine stops will convert your 10-round L5 magazines into 5-rounders for use when hunting.

Combining a hybrid design with a host of desirable features designed in-house, Lancer’s Advanced Warfighter Magazines (L5AWM) deliver reliable feeding and rugged, all-weather construction. Lancer accessories help customize your L5AWM magazines for maximum performance suited to your tasks.

These 5-round floor plate lock/stops can be installed or uninstalled in about a minute, simply by removing the baseplate of your magazine and slipping the stop inside the magazine body.

*WARNING: This product does NOT guarantee compliance for certain state magazine capacity restrictions. Please check your local and state laws prior to purchase!*

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 2.50 × .75 × 2 in


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