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The latest in a line of the fastest, flattest, smoothest-shooting, most versatile pistols in the world has officially landed in the U.S.

Lancer Systems has joined forces with Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia to bring you the latest in Laugo’s line of pistols, the Laugo Alien Performance.  

The Alien Performance comes complete with a custom hard case containing the Alien pistol, two (2) magazines, a standard top rail with adjustable competition, fiber optic sights, tools, and a snap-cap for dry fire exercises.  The custom hard case is cut-out to accommodate an optional red dot sight top rail and optional accessory magwell.

Alien Performance Kit Includes:

  • Laugo Arms Alien Performance pistol (9x19mm)
  • Two  (2) 17-rd Magazines
  • Standard Fiber Optic Iron Sight Top Rail
  • Custom Hard Case
  • Tool kit


  1. Please note that in accordance with Federal law, your pistol must be shipped to an authorized FFL holder, via overnight shipping, for purchase transfer
  2. Add the Alien Performance package to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  3. At checkout, enter the contact information for the FFL holder who will accept your pistol, in the “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS” section
  4. Have your authorized FFL holder email a copy of their FFL, along with your name and Customer Order Number, to:
  5. Aliens are in-stock and will ship within two (2) business days of receipt of a valid FFL
  6. You will receive your Alien from your authorized FFL after processing transfer paperwork and passing a background check






The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in semi-automatic pistol design; a specimen of evolutionary success with multiple patented and innovative performance features and a DNA deeply rooted in competition. Freed from the confines of obsolete locking mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new breed… the first of its kind.

  • World’s lowest bore axis reduces muzzle flip for an incredibly flat recoil impulse
  • Fixed barrel eliminates movement during the firing cycle, resulting in exceptional accuracy
  • Innovative gas delayed blowback system brings the pistol back on target faster
  • Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells allow for misson-specific adaptability
  • Non-reciprocating top rail provides an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus
  • Exacting quality derived from industry-leading manufacturing processes and equipment

Manufactured and hand-fitted by Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia. Proudly imported and distributed by Lancer Systems.

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 in

9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity

17 + 1

Barrel Length

4.8"/ 125 mm

Sight radius

7.7"/ 197 mm


trigger safety

Trigger Pull Weight

48.29 oz / 1369 g

Total Weight

41.3 oz / 1166 g

Dimensions (L x W x H)

8 x 1.3 x 5.8” in (204 x 33 x149 mm)



5 reviews for Alien Performance

  1. Kevin Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. The fit and finish is second to none. Everything I hoped it would be.

  2. Willie puskas

    This is truly one of a kind made at the highest of craftsmanship pistols on the market. The recall management well there is none the innovation and design of this pistol is unlike any other and truly is probably one of the finest pistols made today. I own two STI’s, 2 Wilson combats that I use for competition and this gun beats them all over in every category.

  3. larry duncan jr (verified owner)

    TL;DR: The Alien is awesome and my gripes are mostly personal, BUY ONE!!!

    I’ve wanted to get hands on this pistol ever since The Honest Outlaw first made a video about it back in 2018. Fast forward to 10-OCT-2021 when I finally pick my copy up from the FFL and put 450 rounds through it. All of the internet ‘hype’ is largely corroborated, in my opinion. Fit & finish are precise; the gun is very aesthetically pleasing and feels solidly built. The fixed bull barrel has a nice finish and target crown. The trigger is attractive in its own right, lighter than a stock shadow2, breaks cleanly and resets quickly with a very positive feel. Trigger action has very little take up and no over travel. The amount of force felt in the reset, is more than that of ATC’s AR-Gold flat-face trigger. With the AR-gold trigger I’m having to consciously mind the reset and focus on releasing my finger, while the Alien trigger reset will ‘push’ my trigger finger forward. While comparing an AR trigger to a pistol trigger is hardly accurate; I will say the Alien’s firing mechanism is similar to an AR in that action reciprocation cocks a hammer. The Alien’s hammer assembly is part of the top rail, which can be removed without needing to pull the trigger, also like an AR where you can field strip the upper from the lower without pulling the trigger.

    The gun does have a very different recoil impulse, compared to traditional browning-type pistol actions and the bore-line does make a significant difference. With my shadow2 I’m able to keep all shots on a 6″ paper plate, but start missing a few at 15 yards –this isn’t the shadow’s fault, more so that I’m a crappy shot. However, with the Alien my failure point starts at 21 yards. I’ve actually managed to keep 11/17 on the paper plate @ 21 yards and I don’t have to slow down as much. I find I don’t need to put as much effort into maintaining fundamentals with the Alien, with as light as the trigger is and the substantially more stable recoil I find the irons seem to return to zero quicker and more consistently between shots. Ergonomics, aggressive checkering and grip bogie-esque grip panels really meld the pistol to my hand. The pistol definitely performs as Jan Lucansky intended.

    Now the bad.

    It’s expensive, but I’m only a ‘hobbyist’ at best and I’d been saving up for my copy for a while. So if you already have difficulty justifying the expense, it won’t get any easier to swallow. One would simply commit to the idea of burning through that amount of money, but I’ve had a couple years to really prep for impact.

    The slide chews up the webbing of my firing hand, I’d post pictures here if it were possible. But this may be a personal issue with my grip, as I subscribe to the Robert Vogel method. I’ve tried wearing mechanix gloves to remedy the issue, but the excess material will occasionally prevent the slide from going back into battery –so gloves are a ‘no-go’ for me. I’ve tried adjusting my grip but that produces a different experience… I’m contemplating having the slide milled and dehorned so it does not make contact with my firing hand, but I’m hesitant. Maybe if replacement slides were readily available, I’d be more comfortable with the idea. Changing my grip is real boner-killer and I’ll just have to live with the gun taking a little flesh with every shot until I can talk my wife into letting me get elective surgery to modify my right hand. I’m also okay with developing enough scar-tissue over the area so it’s no longer effected by the slide.

    Aftermarket support is mostly non-existent at the moment. Alex & Ryan Kydex Designs has made an owb holster for one person that I know of, but this option isn’t listed on their website. This is largely a non-issue for those who run the proprietary holster, but I like my pistols paired with flush-mount lights. In my case, my copy is currently wearing an In-Force APL Gen3 and it looks great. I also run a veridian X5L CAM, to review range footage. Suffice to say, would be nice to have holsters for both occasions. Again, I think pictures here would help illustrate my case. No other mag extensions are available *yet, 17 rounds is good but more is more. No other red-dot mounting options are available *yet. I’m sure the C-MORE RTS included with the $5k package works fine but I’d like to run a more low-profile dot. I think there’s an opportunity here for other OEMs to design a top rail with an integrated red dot sight, however.

    In conclusion I don’t regret the purchase it was worth the wait and the money, in my opinion. Aside from tearing up my hand, its a joy to shoot and is intended to run fast. I’m glad I was able to support the platform by making my purchase and hope to see other evolutions of it. Alien Compact, Alien Duty, Alien Carry, Alien Integrally Suppressed… Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  4. Leonard Stogner (verified owner)

    Yes, it’s expensive, no it won’t make all other handguns obsolete, but for a larger, heavier auto pistol nothing I have ever fired can compare, and I have had the privilege of shooting some of the finest handguns available for more than 60 years. Just ordered a second one.

  5. Neal Wolff (verified owner)

    I’m a simple man
    I see “made in Czechoslovakia”
    I click buy it now

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