The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in semi-automatic pistol design; a
specimen of evolutionary success with multiple patented and innovative performance features
and a DNA deeply rooted in competition. Freed from the confines of obsolete locking
mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new
breed… the first of its kind

  • World’s lowest bore axis reduces muzzle flip for an incredibly flat recoil impulse
  • Fixed barrel eliminates movement during the firing cycle, resulting in exceptional accuracy
  • Innovative gas delayed blowback system brings the pistol back on target faster
  • Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells allow for misson-specific adaptability
  • Non-reciprocating top rail provides an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus
  • Exacting quality derived from industry-leading manufacturing processes and equipment
    Manufactured and hand-fitted by Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia. Proudly imported and
    distributed by Lancer Systems.


Thanks to the lowest bore axis of any production pistol, the Alien provides lightning-quick follow on shots with virtually no muzzle flip.


The Alien’s barrel is mounted directly to the frame, eliminating movement during the firing cycle which results in exceptional accuracy.


Laugo’s innovative gas delayed blowback system slows the recoil impulse, bringing the pistol back on target smoother and faster.


Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells make for misson-specific adaptability that can be configured in seconds without the need for tools.


The Alien’s sights are fixed to the stationary top rail, which means they don’t reciprocate during cycling, providing an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus.

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