Lancer designs and manufacturers thermoplastic, thermoset and ceramic matrix composite solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.


  • Possesses excellent heat resistance, high fatigue strength and superior stiffness vs. weight performance as compared to metals.
  • Can be manufactured into large shapes.
  • Used in primary- and secondary-structure applications in UAV’s, aircraft panels and other weight-sensitive applications.
  • Lancer capabilities include pre-preg hand lay-up, roll-wrapping, in- & out-of-autoclave  processing, as well as compression molding.


  • Provide excellent durability and impact resistance.  Thermoplastics in many cases can be reformed or repaired.
  • Can be manufactured into complex shapes to produce cost-effective secondary structures such as brackets.
  • Lancer capabilities include compression molding and machining of stock shapes.  Lancer leverages  Greene, Tweed and other industry partners for injection mold.

Ceramic Matrix Composites

  • Well-suited for extreme high temperatures (in excess of 2500°F).
  • Provide superior toughness when compared to monolithic ceramics.
  • Can be manufactured into complex shapes for applications such as jet-engine  components, exoatmosphere vehicle  attitude control systems, and extreme temperature thermal barriers.
  • The Polymer Infiltration and Pyrolysis (PIP) process used by Lancer provides higher throughput of larger parts as compared to the Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) process
Roll Wrapped Handguards and Extension Tubes
Compression Molded Seat Pans