Ceramic Matrix Composites

Introducing CeraComp®. The ceramic matrix composite material engineered for high temperature applications.

At its core, CeraComp significantly reduces weight for high temperature applications as compared to high temperature metal alternatives. Going well beyond weight savings, it provides improved structural integrity, thermal shock and fracture resistance compared to monolithic ceramics.

As with all of Lancer’s ceramic matrix composite (CMC) offerings, CeraComp delivers superior performance in mission-critical, high temperature industrial and defense applications.

For further details and test results, download the CeraComp® Technical Brief.

Lancer’s CeraComp® technical lead, Dr. Robert Cook, Ph.D., discusses the benefits of the technology in the following articles:

  • Aerospace & Defense Technology Magazine, February 2015. Read the full article here.
  • Pumps & Systems Magazine, September 2014 digital edition (December print edition). Read the full article here.

CeraComp is featured in the November 2013 issue of High Performance Composites. Read the full article here.

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