Career Opportunities
At Lancer Systems our greatest asset is the vast capability of our employees to seamlessly collaborate and innovate in engineering intelligent out-of-the-box solutions.  Dedicated to growing the company and themselves, Lancer employees operate not as individuals but as one team with a diverse background and an ever-expanding skill set to uphold the high standard of quality we aim to put into our products. Being a family owned business, Lancer understands the importance of “family” both internally and externally. Everyone has a meaningful stake and a say in the products we produce, because we feel the more included our employees are the more insight and care goes into their work.

Flexibility and cross training are paramount as we utilize aerospace technology and techniques to produce high-performance products to meet the demands of the consumer and OEM market.  Based in our new 72,000 square foot headquarters in Quakertown, Pa we are able to take on large-scale projects with the confidence we can meet our customers’ production needs. Our sales team, business area managers, production, quality assurance, and engineering staff are in constant contact and collaboration to cultivate a transparent and well-rounded workforce. We infuse this same team attitude into our customer and supplier relationships, believing we can work together to improve our products and processes to everyone’s benefit.

Lancer values fostering education in its employees and beyond, offering a variety of co-op experiences for undergraduate and graduate level students.  As a co-op at Lancer you can expect to get lots of exposure to be put in a role where you can make an impact on the bottom line of the company as a whole. Watch your projects mature before your eyes and gain responsibility as on the job training helps you to rapidly expand your personal skill set.

Lancer is always looking for new, inventive, and enthusiastic professionals and students to join our team.  If you possess a curiosity and passion in your desire to work, you are the type of person Lancer is looking for and we invite you to apply.

There are no positions at this time—please check back or follow us on LinkedIn for updates.