Lancer Accessories

Engineering weapon solutions to improve upon what’s currently available to military and law enforcement officers, and all end users, is at the core of why we’re here. That’s why developing relevant, useful, AR-style components is the core of our business. Scroll through some of our latest components below.

Lancer Accessories

  • Adaptive Magwell
  • Viper Brake
  • Single Point Sling Mount
  • Nitrous Compensator
  • Carbon Fiber Stock
  • Low-Profile Bi-Pod Mount
  • Shotgun Extension Tubes
  • Single Ring Scope Mount
  • LCR Quick Detach Sling Mount

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Adaptive Magwell

The Lancer Adaptive Magwell is a simple, easy-to-install component engineered to significantly reduce reload times for law enforcement officers and soldiers.

With its funnel-like design, the adaptive magwell increases the diameter of the magwell and trigger guard area. The component is designed to fit mil-spec 5.56 AR style rifles with winter trigger guards and requires no tools to install. The adaptive magwell is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.

The Adaptive Magwell is currently available in two configurations; original two piece version and the NEW one piece upgraded version. Both available now.

Lancer Adaptive Magwell

Viper Brake

Lancer’s Viper Brake is a “tunable” brake designed for precision shooters. It’s engineered with a blast chamber and four tunable jets to effectively reduce recoil, making for faster follow on shots. Different sized jets are supplied so the operator can tune the downward force. Angled blast baffles reduce recoil, further stabilizing the rifle. Made from stainless steel for .30 and 6.5 caliber rifles utilizing a 5/8-24 thread pitch. Includes a jam nut and six tuning jets.

Lancer Viper Brake

Nitrous Compensator

The Lancer Nitrous compensator is a “tunable” compensator. Engineered with a blast chamber and tunable jets, the Nitrous compensator will effectively reduce muzzle climb making for faster follow on shots. Angled blast baffles are incorporated to reduce recoil and further stabilize the rifle.

The jets release gas from the blast chamber creating a downward force on the muzzle of the rifle. Different size jets are supplied with the compensator so the operator can customize the downward force, minimizing muzzle climb. Tuning is a simple matter of changing the combination of jets until the desired effect is achieved.

The Nitrous compensator is available in 416 stainless steel or 4142 steel that has been Ferritic Nitrocarburized (BLACKNITRIDE™) and threaded in 1/2×28 for 5.56mm AR’s and 5/8X24 for 7.62mm rifles.


  • Includes two each of the following for tuning:
    • The solid set screw can be used to completely block off the hole or can be drilled to a custom size
    • Orifice jets
  • Supplied with a crush washer
  • Dimensions: Length ‐ 2.88″  Diameter ‐ .99″
Lancer Compensator

Carbon Fiber Stock

Lancer’s Carbon Fiber Stock (LCS) is a lightweight, fixed stock for 5.56mm and 7.62mm AR-style rifles that use a fixed rifle length buffer tube (not included). Applying our expertise in advanced materials and product design, Lancer engineers have combined high strength carbon fiber and impact resistant, injection molded polymer components to create a robust, lightweight buttstock.


  • Carbon fiber tube has a unique layup and resin combination tough enough for hard use
  • Profile provides strength and comfortable cheek weld
  • Injection molded, impact resistant polymer butt plate and front collar
  • Butt plate has a metal quick disconnect insert
  • Buffer tube is not included
  • A2 length includes spacer
  • Dimensions – A1 Length ‐ 10.25”; A2 Length ‐ 10.8”
Lancer Carbon Fiber Stock

Low-Profile Bi-Pod Mount

Lancer’s Low-Profile Bi‐Pod Mount is a slide on rigid mounting solution for bi‐pods. The mount is manufactured from a single piece of 6061‐T6 Aluminum bar stock, that when combined with the four clamping screws provides a rigid mounting solution for a bipod. Attaches by sliding directly to the Picatinny rail.


  • Bi‐Pod Attachment Point ‐ Sling Swivel
  • Length ‐ 3”
  • Height ‐ .47” top of Picatinny rail to center of the sling swivel stud hole
  • Weight ‐ 9.4 oz
  • Width 1.325”
  • Mounting type ‐ slides onto Picatinny 1913 rail
  • Coating ‐ MIL‐STD 8625 Type III Hardcoat Anodize, Black
Lancer Systems Low Profiles Bi Pod Mount

Single Ring Scope Mount

Lancer’s Single Ring Scope Mount provides a rigid mounting solution for compact tactical scopes. The ring is manufactured from a single piece of 6061‐T6 Aluminum bar stock, separated along the center line and matched bored to size. The ring uses eight bolts to attach the top half to the bottom half of the ring and two #10‐32 cross bolts to clamp onto a Picatinny 1913 rail.


  • Ring Diameter ‐ 30mm
  • Length ‐ 1.5”
  • Height ‐ 1.425”
  • Weight ‐ 5.6 oz.
  • Mounting type ‐ Picatinny 1913 rail
  • Coating ‐ MIL‐STD 8625 Type III Hardcoat Anodize, Black
  • Torque
    • Side Clamp Torque—65 in‐lbs
    • Top Clamp Torque—15 in‐lbs
Lancer Systems Sling Ring Scope Mount

Shotgun Extension Tube

Applying our experience in carbon fiber product design and lightweight component development, Lancer has created a series of Shotgun Extension Tubes (LSX).  Each LSX is designed to attach to existing shotgun magazine tubes to provide added capacity to the shotgun.  Lancer has combined precision machined aluminum components with an advanced carbon fiber tube to yield a lightweight, durable extension to your shotgun.


  • Available for select 12 GA
  • Adds 2 to 8 extra rounds to the magazine tube
  • An extra‐long spring is provided. The spring will need to be cut to length
  • Shotgun extension clamp is available with or without a Picatinny rail

The LSX is currently available for specific models of Benelli, Remington, Mossberg and Beretta shotguns. More brands and models will be added. Check back for the most up-to-date availability.


Lancer has also developed a unique Shotgun Extension Clamp for use with the LSX. The clamp combines precision aluminum components with a high-temperature silicone foam to ensure a slip-free connection with the carbon fiber tube and shotgun barrel.

  • Made from high-strength anodized aluminum
  • Available with or without Picatinny rail. The rail can be used for accessories or mounting a sling attachment
  • Extension clamps are recommended for extension tubes that extend beyond the end of the barrel. Also recommended for Remington applications due to the shallow threading on the Remington magazine tubes
LSX-CP-NR Shotgun Extension Clamp, No Picatinny Rails
LSX-CP-1R Shotgun Extension Clamp, Picatinny Rail One Side
LSX-CP-2R Shotgun Extension Clamp, Picatinny Rail Both Sides
Lancer Shotgun Extension Tubes

Single Point Sling Mount

The Lancer Single Point Sling Mount decreases metal on metal contact noise and provides improved handling during shoulder transitions.


  • Compatible with M4, M16, HK 416, M27
  • Manufactured as a single piece from 7075 T6 Barstock
  • 4140PHT tandem pintle points
  • 316 stainless steel clamping bolt
  • Nylon coated stainless steel braided cable
  • Black oxide oil seal
  • MIL-STD 8625 black type III hardcoat anodize
  • Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America
  • Extremely low profile M4/M16 ambidextrous single point sling attachment accessory
  • Utilizes a slip on single clamping bolt attachment system which clamps onto the retractable buttstock buffer tube castle nut
  • Does not require armorer level installation
  • Attachment point swivels 180 degrees on a cross axle and utilizes a nylon coated stainless steel braided cable for sling attachment
  • Nylon coated cable provides silent operation and eliminates binding with all single point slings
  • Cable length is adjustable and utilizes a tapered end set screw with cup that ensures cable will not come loose even if the set screw comes loose
Lancer Systems Rifle Sling Mount

Quick Detach Single Point Sling Mount

Lancer’s Quick Detach Single Point Sling Mount (SPSM-QD) is a low profile, ambidextrous, single point sling attachment for the SIG Sauer 516, 716 and MPX rifles. The quick detach system allows for easy mounting and removal from existing QD cups with the push of a button. The Quick Detach SPSM features a nylon coated, stainless steel braided cable and attachment points that swivel independently, allowing operators to maneuver silently and quickly transition to off-hand shooting.

Lancer Quick Detach Sling Mount