Will my L5AWM work with…

  • 204 Ruger
    OAL of round is too long for polymer mags.
  • 300 Blackout
    Most manufacturers and rifle builders recommend our magazines for supersonic .300 Blackout Cartridges. User must be careful not to use a magazine containing .300 BLK in a .223/5.56 upper due to the fact that a .300 Blackout will headspace in a .223 chamber that can cause catastrophic failure and death. If you are using subsonic ,300 BLK ammunitions (>200gr), we recommend using our dedicated L5AWM .300 BLK magazines.
  • 458 SOCOM
    Reports are that they will work off the shelf with the 458 but Wilson Combat sells a modified version our L5AWM that allows for more consistent feeding.
  • 6.8 SPC
    There are no plans, at this time, to produce a magazine for the 6.8 SPC.
  • 6.5 Grendell
    There are no plans, at this time, to produce a magazine for the 6.5 Grendell.
  • Beowulf
    We have no experience with the 50 Beowulf but appears that the L5AWM is not compatible.

Will my L5AWM mag work in_______rifle?
The L5 AWM was designed to function in AR-15 lowers as well as the SCAR 16. We have also been informed that they do function in the Tavor.

Why won’t my reduced capacity magazine insert on a closed bolt? (10/30, 15/20 and 5 Round)
This is due to designs made to meet state laws and hunting regulations. Lancer decreased the free space to ensure users could not jam an extra round in accidentally or intentionally. Unfortunately, the free space reduction does not allow the magazine to seat on a closed bolt in all brands of weapons.

I reload for .223/ 5.56. What is the max OAL for use in my mag?
The L5 AWM mag is designed for a 2.26 OAL. If you are using 80 grain or heavier projectiles, you would need to load single rounds.

I am having feeding issues when hand cycling or chambering the first round.
What you are experiencing is due to the stiffness of our steel feed lips as compared to polymer feed lips. Please ensure you are not short stroking or riding the charging handle during hand cycling, this will decrease bolt velocity and potential lead to a failure to feed. One way to test this is (using dummy rounds) lock the bolt to the rear and use the bolt release to chamber the round. Does the magazine function properly? Also, we would ask that you try our magazine out on the range before contacting Lancer Systems. Under normal operation, you should have no issues with feeding or chambering.

My mag is squeaking. What is causing that?
When the magazines bodies are formed, they may bow in, slightly. This may cause the spring to rub the inside of the body. Once your start loading the magazine, the body will bow out, eliminating the squeak.

Will my L7AWM fit____rifle?
The L7 AWM was designed to work in DPMS/ SR25 style lowers. This includes Handl Defense, Sig 716, Armalite AR10 A (not B style), LMT, LaRue, Wilson and Robinson. It will not fit lowers designed to use M14/ M1A1 or FAL magazines.

Will my L7 AWM work with…
The L7 AWM was designed to work with most 308 Win based catridges and the 6.5 Creedmoor loaded to a max OAL of 2.83″


What will your LCH5 handguards fit?
The LCH5 line of our carbon fiber handguards were designed to replace the hanguards or AR15 based rifles that utilize a standard A2 and A3 upper receivers with direct impingement gas system.

How do I know what length I need?
The designations of Pistol, Mid and Rifle Lengths is based on the gas system of uppers that use a gas block with integral front sight or ones with a picatinny rail. The other lengths are meant to be used with low profile gas blocks and some adjustables like SLR and Syrac.

What is the inside diameter of your LCH5’s?
The ID of the LCH5 is 1.8″ and 1.7″ at the endcap. This will allow for the use of most .936″ Low Profile gas blocks and a number of .750 id adjustable gas blocks like SLR and Syrac (up to .870″ from centerline to top).

Will my suppressor fit under the LCH5?
Most suppressors will fit under the LCH5 and testing has shown the LCH5 is resistant to the heat generated under suppressor use. The use of OSS suppressors and quick attach flash hiders may require removal of the carbon fiber portion of the LCH5 for removal or attachment.

There is a gap between my upper and handguard.
Due to the fact that not all manufacturers time the threads on their uppers in the same way, it may be necessary to back off the barrel nut extension in order to line up the gas tube holes. It is normal to see a gap up to .100. For those who prefer a flush fit, a qualified gunsmith can remove material from the extension to provide closer timing. 

Which thread pitch should I order?
Most DMPS/ SR25 style uppers utilize a 16 TPI thread pitch where Armalite and Rock River Arms use 18 TPI.  Please contact your rifles manufacturer to verify which one your rifle employs.

What is the inside diameter of your LCH7’s?
The ID of the LCH5 is 2″ and 1.9″ at the end cap.

Can I get the LCH7 with a top rail?
Due to the fact that there is no standard for the upper rail height on large frame AR’s, it is difficult to find a common front rail height that would allow a proper co-witness for iron sights or night vision compatibility.

What is the inside diameter of your LCH7’s?
The ID of the LCH7 is 2″ and 1.9″ at the end cap.

What will these fit?
The LCH516 and 716 are direct replacements for Sig 516 and 716 rifles that utilize a carbine length gas system using some of the rifle’s original mounting hardware. They will not fit the 716 DMR

Handguard Rail Sections

Which rail sections fit your octagonal (LCH) handguards?
All rail sections with the model number starting with “LCH5” are for use on our octagonal LCH5 line of handguards, including the LCH416, LCH516 and LCH716. The “LCR5” rail section models are for use with our round LCR handguards.

Can I get one with a rail section mounted in front of the gas block on the LCH516-CX-L or LCH716-CX-L?
Due to the nature of this system, there would be slight movement of the rail under operating conditions which would not allow for accurate sight alignment.

Butt Stocks

What additional parts do I need for installation of an LCS?
The LCS A1 and A2 were designed as direct replacements for fixed AR-15 stocks. If you have a collapsible stock, you will need to get a rifle-length buffer, tube, and spring. These can be found at most online retailers like Brownells, MidwayUSA, Tactical Gear Distributors, etc.

What is the difference between the A1 and A2 models?
The A1 is about .75″ shorter than the A2 . We recommend the A1 for most users.

What is included with the LCS?
The LCS kit includes the carbon fiber stock body, a composite butt pad, a composite front mount that locks into the lower receiver, and a spacer for the A2 model.

Adaptive Magwells

What lowers will the Lancer Adaptive Magwell fit on?
The LAM was designed to fit standard milspec AR-15 and M-16 lower receivers with a detachable trigger guard. The LAM will not fit: S&W M&P-15, HK 416, Sig 516, or Wyndham Weaponry lowers.

How do I know if it will fit?
If you are unable to confirm that your lower receiver is a standard milspec configuration, then you can measure the magwell to check for compatibility. If the lip around your magwell is thinner than 0.13″ and the overall width of the magwell is less then 1.5″, the LAM should work with your lower receiver.

I have an aftermarket trigger guard. Will the LAM still work?
Depending on the brand or model of trigger guard you have, there may be a need to modify it slightly to fit the LAM. Original milspec-style trigger guards are available for around $4-5 at most retail outlets and online parts suppliers.

Raddlock / Bullet Button

Will your Raddlock work with my MPX?
Sig Sauer designed the MPX to use a magazine release button similar to the one we use on our L15 and L30 rifles. While the Raddlock (designed for our L15 and L30 rifles) may physically fit the MPX, the ambidextrous magazine release will override the function of the Raddlock and allow the magazine to drop without the use of a tool. Therefore, the installation of a Raddlock on the MPX would not make it CA compliant .