Advanced Warfighter Magazines (AWM)


Applying our expertise in advanced polymers and lightweight component design, Lancer has created the L5 and L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazines (AWM).

We’ve combined hardened steel feed lips with a high strength polymer body to yield a hybrid design that maximizes strength, reliability and minimizes weight.  This hybrid design is strong enough to allow the use of unfilled polymers, enabling Lancer to produce a robust translucent magazine unlike any on the market.

Lancer Advanced Warfighter Magazines include:

  • L5AWM (5.56 x 45mm / .223 Rem)
  • L7AWM (7.62 x 51mm / .308 Win)
  • Magazine Accessories

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L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (L5AWM)

Lancer set out to engineer a better 5.56 magazine; one with the reliability of steel, durability of polymer and weight of aluminum – the L5AWM.  The magazine design includes a one-piece, wrap-around steel feed lip assembly and an aggressive surface texture to create the ultimate hybrid magazine tough enough for military, LE and commercial use. The internal geometry of the Advanced Warfighter Magazine is a constant curvature utilizing a non-tilting follower for reliable feeding of 5.56X45mm NATO ammunition. The body and component materials are corrosion and chemical resistant, passing military chemical testing.

The L5AWM is compatible with modern weapon systems, including M4/M16/AR, SCAR16, HK416, ARX160, SIG MCX etc.

Available in 5, 10, 10/20, 10/30, 15, 20 and 30-round capacities in translucent and opaque.

Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USA


  • Hardened steel feed lips
  • Impact resistant polymer body
  • Available translucent or opaque
  • Top of magazine catch is steel
  • Non-tilt follower
  • Constant curve internal geometry
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Aggressive texturing on body for positive grip
  • Slim body design
  • Slide on bottom, easy to disassemble
  • Translucent bodies have round count markers
L5AWM 30 rnd Translucent Smoke

ATTENTION: If your magazine has a follower with a “3/15” date code, click here.

L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (L7AWM)

The L7AWM is a lightweight magazine with an integrated front guard and welded steel feed lip which provides maximum stiffness and reliability while preventing dimpling to the front of the magazine. A switchable drain in the floor plate lock comes standard on all L7s, allowing users to configure the magazine for either water-borne or extreme dust conditions. The L7AWM is designed to work in multiple weapon systems – SR25, DPMS 308, SIG 716, LM308, etc. Available now in 5, 10, 20 and 25-round capacities in translucent and opaque.

Designed, tooled, manufactured and assembled in the USA. (Patent Number US10066886)


  • Impact resistant polymer body
  • Insert molded stainless front guard, wear-resistant for high volume shooting
  • Stainless rear feed lip provides a durable stable platform for feeding
  • Available with translucent or opaque body
  • Straight internal geometry with a controlled tilt follower
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Slide on bottom with a switchable drain
  • Aggressive texture to improve gripping and retrieval from pouches

*Not compatible with Armalite AR-10B, Springfield Armory M1A, Rock River Arms LAR8, FN SCAR 17S, PTR-91, HK417 or other rifles that utilize M14, FN FAL, or HK 91/G3 patterned magazines.

L7 AWM Magazines


Lancer magazine accessories include two cinches, floor plate kits, and a 5-round stop for capacity-limiting regulations.

We’re currently featuring our newest addition – the MPX Cinch. This novel X-Cinch provides a handy way to speed up reload and increase capacity, while ensuring OEM reliability. Engineered to engage with locking ribs for increased stability and adjustability with a tool-less, thumbscrew install method. Made from durable reinforced nylon. Intended for use With MPX magazines working with 10/20-round And 30-round bodies.

Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America.