Lancer is an engineering-driven company.  Our goal is to provide total engineered solutions; applications assessment, component design & development, validation and manufacturing. We aim to fill capability gaps for the military, law enforcement agencies, OEMs and end users across the defense, oil and gas, and aerospace industries. Lancer’s facility has a Type-07 Federal Firearms License as well as an SOT allowing us to manufacture firearms as well as NFA items. Lancer designs, develops and tests all advanced weapons and components in-house.

In-house manufacturing capabilities:

  • Compression Molding – thermoset & thermoplastic
  • Roll Wrapping – composite tubes & other shapes
  • Hand Layup of Pre-Preg Fabric –  in or out of autoclave
  • Injection Molding – thermoset & thermoplastic
  • Bladder Inflation Molding
  • Ceramic-Matrix-Composite (CMC) Processing (Polymer Infusion and Pyrolysis process)
  • CNC Machining
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Optical Assembly

Lancer augments these capabilities with a network of niche partners to offer the following additional capabilities:

  • Filament Winding and Fiber Placement
  • Precision Machining of CMC Materials

Engineering capabilities:

Lancer’s in-house engineering services, such as 3D modeling and our FEA expertise, provide customers with a precise and accurate fit of all components and hardware, with the performance to match. This technical capacity combined with our solid supply chain enables us to provide customers with a variety of production-process alternatives.

From concept through production, Lancer engineers solutions that make a difference. Whether it is in the hands of our Service men/women to protect and serve, our OEM partners to meet their most demanding requirements, or our commercial customers to enhance their shooting experience, our products will provide a definitive advantage.

Lancer engineers are experts in lightweight composite material design and application. The realm of composites, which includes thermoplastics, thermosets, and ceramic-matrix materials, sometimes offers intrinsic material properties superior to metal.  Areas of potential advantage include weight, stiffness-to-weight ratio, self-lubricity, thermal and/or electrical insulation, performance at extreme temperatures (both cryogenic and > 2500°F) and manufacturing cost.  Lancer’s breadth of composites materials and processes experience gives us the ability to identify opportunities for which composites offer advantages to metal, and to design and select appropriate solutions for these applications.

Lancer’s market focus is application engineering, rapid prototyping and production volumes typical of Defense applications.

Lancer is a trusted provider of harsh environment optical connectivity solutions to the energy, aerospace and military industries. Our optical engineers apply cutting edge technology to solve unique optical connectivity challenges, meeting each customer’s specific requirements.

When utilizing the complete Lancer system of cables, connectors, adapters and feedthroughs, our customers are assured the highest level of environmental protection and most reliable data transmission available.

We leverage our extensive and diverse experience across various industries such as the energy market to provide optical connectivity solutions for downhole and subsea sensing applications, the military and defense market to satisfy mission critical requirements, and the subsea vehicle market to provide high performance penetrators for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). Lancer also serves aerospace, communication, and other critical industries.

Harsh Environment Optical Connectivity Solutions:

  • Downhole
  • Subsea
  • Underwater Vehicles
  • Aerospace
  • Military

While the name Lancer Systems may be relatively new to the marketplace, we have a storied and successful pedigree behind us. Formed by Greene, Tweed’s ownership, Lancer Systems was created to focus efforts solely on the defense industry. Greene, Tweed has been supplying sealing solutions for a variety of military applications since WWII. From weapon systems to armored vehicle suspension and artillery, Greene, Tweed’s elastomers and thermoplastics have delivered optimum performance in harsh environments.

Over the years we have established ourselves as being the “go-to” sealing solution provider for reliable engineered solutions. Not only do we have experience working on new systems, we’ve participated on a number of weapon-system life-extension and modification programs enabling a number of older systems to stay in service longer and operate under more demanding conditions. Our current focus is on providing lightweight materials as metal replacement options in four key areas: UAVs, artillery, small arms and missiles.

To assist our customers with meeting the challenges of today’s military we’ve developed some unique and innovative fiber optic sealing technologies. Our fiber optic capabilities combined with our proven sealing expertise allows Lancer Systems to provide innovative and complete solutions that give our customers the advantage they need to stay ahead.