Engineering Innovative Solutions For Hard-Use Professionals

Since 2007, Lancer’s primary focus has been designing superior, more reliable firearms and components for our nation’s warfighters, law enforcement officers, and discerning shooting sports enthusiasts.

By combining advanced materials with cutting edge manufacturing processes, Lancer has brought firearms technology into the new millennium. Lancer products are currently in use by many of the world’s elite military units, government agencies, and top-level competitive shooters across multiple disciplines.

A Rich Heritage In American Manufacturing

Lancer Systems was founded by the ownership of Greene, Tweed & Co., Inc., a leading global manufacturer of high-performance elastomeric seals, thermoplastic composites, and integrated material solutions that has been at the forefront of American manufacturing since its inception in the mid-1800’s. Today, Greene, Tweed’s components are used by leaders across the aerospace, petrochemical & power, oilfield, semiconductor, and solar industries.

Greene, Tweed entered the aerospace industry over 50 years ago with sealing systems for landing gear. Today, Greene, Tweed’s aerospace seals and thermoplastic composites remain the gold standard. In fact, Green, Tweed provides seals for over 90% of the western world’s commercial and military aircraft.

As Greene, Tweed’s breakthroughs in material technologies and advanced manufacturing processes continued to grow into the 21st century, Green, Tweed determined that it could best serve the market by splitting off a new standalone company to focus solely on military and defense projects. Lancer Systems was born.

A Truly Modern Rifle Design

When Lancer set out to engineer the L15 and L30 rifle platforms, we took the proverbial book on AR-receiver design, chucked it down-range, and dumped a mag through it. Instead of churning out yet another version of something that’s been done hundreds of times over, we started from the bottom, taking into account all of the various advancements that have been made to the AR-15 in the last fifty years.

The result was Lancer’s L15 and L30 receivers, which include interchangeable mission-adaptable magazine wells, an ambidextrous bolt release, and an over-sized magazine release button.

Lancer’s complete rifle platforms also include our Carbon Fiber Handguards, Carbon Fiber Stocks, patented L5 or L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazines, and a selection of barrels and components from the best manufacturers in the industry.

A Better Rifle Magazine

Lancer’s hybrid-design Advanced Warfighter Magazines (AWM) are the result of extensive engineering experience with advanced polymers and lightweight component design. The L5AWM and L7AWM represent the pinnacle of magazine technology; combining the durability of a polymer body with the reliability of a metal feedlip. The result is a rock solid ammunition feeding system that is compatible with many semi-automatic rifle platforms used by military and law enforcement worldwide.

Professional Advantages

Increased Durability and Reliability

  • Proprietary polymer body offers unmatched durability, even in sub-freezing conditions
  • Hardened steel feed lips do not bend, deform, or crack under hard use or extended storage
  • Impact and chemical resistant polymer body meets or exceeds military testing standards
  • Non-tilt follower with stainless spring allows for loaded mag storage without loss of performance

Improved Combat Readiness

  • Optional translucent magazine bodies for easy pre-patrol inspections and post-contact checks
  • Expedites visual confirmation of ammunition levels during shift changes

Superior Safety and Efficiency

  • Reduces weapon malfunctions by providing increased reliability
  • Allows for immediate visual identification of ammunition type
  • Increases ammunition awareness during reloads

A New Approach To Rifle Furniture

Lancer’s expertise in working with advanced composites allowed us to develop an entirely new category of rifle accessories using carbon fiber. By applying what we’ve learned throughout decades of aerospace manufacturing, we engineered a full line of handguards and stocks that are lighter, stiffer, and more durable than aluminum or polymer, while also providing more than twice the level of heat resistance.

Lancer’s carbon fiber handguards and stocks are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes with fitment options for most popular AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. They have found widespread success in the military special operations community as well as in competitive shooting sports.

An Emphasis On Innovation

Creative thinking and applied engineering are at the forefront of everything we do at Lancer Systems. This mindset is reflected in our line of highly functional rifle upgrades that were designed from the ground up to enhance the performance, accuracy, and reliability of AR-15 and AR-10 weapon platforms. These improvements are key to ensuring the safety and success of our nation’s warfighters, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters; an objective that is embraced by every member of the Lancer team.